Laser In Action

 Laser is the Heart Of The Process

Without the ability to cut the veneer cheaply and accurately with the laser our prices would have to be beyond the reach of the average man.

Assembling Marquetry Inlay

Assembling The Marquetry

Once the veneer is cut, the rest of

the process is identical to traditional


Assembling Marquetry Inlay 

 Rest Of The Staff

This is my wife the brains, photographer

and moral support behind the business.




Marquetry patterns ready for assembly

Choosing Color Combinations

Elements of the design are pieced together like a puzzle.

Incredible Wood

Natural wood veneers are selected for their beauty,

and the way they transmit light. Nothing is done

to the veneer, this is what they look  like when

 they come from the tree.*

* Except for the black which is dyed.